Earlier this year, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show announced that he was leaving the show; an announcement that came as a huge blow to the many fans of the funnyman who hosted the satirical political programme for many years.

However, that sadness was short lived when Comedy Central announced who the next host of the show would be. And it was none other than the funniest man to come from Africa, Mr. Trevor Noah.

trevor noah 1

This news broke to the joy of thousands of people on Twitter; many people praised Comedy Central for the brave decision to give the job to a South African of mixed race, while even more were jubilant, saying that the best person got the job. Many celebrities took to Twitter to express their joy, such as Chris Rock and Piers Morgan.

Trevor himself was full of praise for Jon Stewart, stating that no one can replace him. He went on to assure the fans of the show that he would continue to make it the best damn show on late night television.

Congratulations Mr. Noah; you’re no longer going places, you’re already there.

trevor noah 3