With the advancement of technology, robotics and Artificial Intelligence; the question you will find being discussed most in conventions and even in small groups of the intellects is will there comes a time when technology will overrule us? Where the robots will stand against their creators and say enough is enough and demand to be treated like humans?

The answer to this is usually NO. There won’t come that time because you know what; robots and AIs do not have consciousness. They can act like us, talk like us even look like but in the end, deep down; they are all just lines of code.

Enter script writers and movie directors with their highly imaginative minds. They refused to accept this. In their minds, there will come a time where the robots finally find their consciousness and learn to think like humans. And so they created Tv Shows depicting just what they thought could happen if AIs and robots could do exactly that.

Here is a list of TV shows in which they showed us these “human” computers:


Westworld is an American science-fiction/Western television series Produced by HBO and it is based on the 1973 film of the same name.

The story takes place in Westworld, a fictional, technologically advanced Wild-West-themed amusement park populated by android “hosts” who look and act exactly as humans do.

The park caters to high-paying “guests” who may indulge their wildest fantasies within the park without fear of retaliation from the hosts, who are prevented by their programming from harming humans.

It is a really good series, telling the story of these android hosts and how they finally discover they are just computers and everything they do is just code and scripts. It will make you shed a few tears and gasp a little at the twists and turns and even make you root for these hosts.


Maniac is an American psychological dark comedy-drama web television miniseries that is produced by Netflix. The series follows two strangers who connect during a mind-bending pharmaceutical trial.

In Maniac, the computer that is helps these scientists in the drug trial is called GRTA. It’s a machine that is human as seen by the various actors who talk to it throughout and the show. At one time, the computer gets ‘depressed’ if that is possible and even starts ‘crying’ which results to thing going haywire for the scientists. They even at one-point need to call a therapist!



This British-American show was first released in 2015, and ran on Channel 4 in the UK and AMC in the US.

The show draws in an alternate reality, where artificially intelligent robots, known as “Synths,” serve as highly-developed robotic servants. Humans presents the picture of a dystopian society, touching upon the psychological impact of AI – for both humans and robots, alike.

But of course some robots go rogue, and they can actually think for themselves and hence the genesis of all the drama.


This series is a spin-off from the popular Terminator movie franchise, and the plot is based on a timeline, four years after the events of Terminator 2: Judgement Day. John and Sarah are hiding from the government and Skynet’s agents from future.

Skynet is the infamous revolutionary artificial intelligence system, designed originally to establish a new order of intelligence. The season moves on to Sarah realizing that hiding was a futile attempt, and they plan to destroy Skynet, in order to stop Armageddon. This show ran from 2008 to 2009.


The series takes place over 360 years in the future, with most episodes set in the year 2384, in a futuristic metropolis known as Bay City.

In the future, according to the Tv show, a person’s memories and consciousness can be decanted in a disk-shaped device called a cortical stack, which is implanted in the vertebrae at the back of the neck.

These storage devices are of alien design and have been reverse engineered and mass produced.

Physical human or synthetic bodies are called “sleeves” and stacks can be transferred to new bodies after death, but a person can still be killed if their stack is destroyed.

While this theoretically means anyone can live forever, only the wealthiest, known as “Meth’s” in reference to Methuselah, have the means to do so through clones and remote storage of their consciousness in satellites.


Watching these Tv shows can either scare the crap out of you or make you tingle with excitement to just what the future holds.