Hold Up, we bring one of the dopest hip hop acts in Kenya right now. Twinderet is a female rap group made up of these twin sisters whose surname is Tinderet, hence the name Twinderet. One is called Roxette and the other Roxanne. The lasses paid iQru a visit today and proved to all hip hop fans that there’s indeed a future in our hip hop industry. Inspired by Nazizi and mentored by Abbas, these two ladies say their music is inspired by day-to-day happenings, with their parents having split when the two were still young. The splitting had them separated from each other but still they caught up and stayed close.

Born 24 years ago, Roxanne has graduated from UoN with Bachelor in Economics while Roxette has a Bachelor in Actuarial Science. Besides music, the two run a business of selling jerseys and sports shoes. Catch the rest of the Interview on our official page at The Insyder Magazine;

The two promise to drop a mixtape and launch a clothing line before the year ends.