When you try poke a finger at KoT, you surely have stirred a hornet’s nest. It’s what Tanzania’s top comedian Idris Sultan, who is also a former BBA contestant and winner, did earlier today. Idris joked about Kenya’s current maize crisis and khali’s ‘bleaching’ allegations

, something that didn’t go well with KoT.

There has been so much roasting since morning (it’s still ongoing) with Kenyans defending themselves and firing shots at Tanzanians who are also fighting back.

Here are some of the hilarious tweets.

Kenyans have been embroiled in tweefs before, with different countries and they are known to be ruthless. Once a South African minister spoke ill about our athletes and they tore into him. Likewise, they have been severally involved in a tweef with Nigeria, and Tanzania too. So yes, this aint the first time we’re exchanging blows with our Tanzanian brothers.