Flawed Education System Animal Cartoon
How the current education system works

We all have various opinions on the Kenyan Education System. Some support the system due to its rigorous nature. Some are against it. However, one word is agreeable to all parties can be used rightfully: tension.

It is evident everywhere, this tension and fear. The reason for this tension is that so much importance has been placed on the KCSE exams. It almost feels like a ‘do or die’ scenario, such that your future is determined by one series of exams. Or so it would seem.

All this tension is a result of an education system that discourages, rather than encourage.

This is how the Kenyan Education System works: It brings together all kinds of students with varying strengths and abilities, suited for different fields. Thereafter, it examines them and measures their intelligence based on one exam. Some may pass, and some may not be so fortunate. Like the 300,000 out of the 450,000 students who scored below C+, and therefore not qualifying for university. These students end up feeling discouraged, because of the importance placed on results.

Like Albert Einstein once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its entire life believing that it is stupid.

Albert Einstein quote on fishIn case some of last year’s candidates feel discouraged, they should not. In fact, it’s actually a good thing they didn’t get those coveted A’s and B’s.

Robert Kiyosaki (he’s like this best selling author) wrote a book, “Why ‘A’ students work for ‘C’ students”. While the title may not be the universal truth, (For example, A & B students are create successful businesses), the book has put across a valid point.

‘A’ & ‘B’ students go on to master their crafts, while ‘C’ students whose grades cannot allow them to master the same crafts, instead master how the business around this craft operates. So ‘A’ students master how to succeed IN the craft, while ‘C’ students master how to succeed AROUND the craft. Ultimately, most ‘A’ students become highly qualified professionals who are hired by business owners who are ‘C’ students.

In the book, Robert details several stories of ‘C’ students who ended up becoming successful entrepreneurs. This just goes to prove that the minds of ‘C’ students are not motivated by the education system as it is. How will learning about Biology and Geography help them in pursuing their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs in business, technology, music, sports and entertainment?

Why A Students Work For C StudentsWhat ‘C’ students need to understand is this: The most successful people recognize what they need to master, and specialize in that knowledge. They don’t try to master all crafts. Their main focus is organizing sources of knowledge in order to achieve their goals.

The best example is Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company. Mr. Ford had less than sixth grade of schooling. The reason he was successful was because he didn’t pay any mind to filling his mind with knowledge he didn’t need; he had people do that for him. He only organized the knowledge, applied it and became rich. And there is no reason why any of you ex-candidates should not be rich and successful either.

henry_ford_quoteIt does not matter how you performed in the exams. If you want to be successful bad enough, and work on how to achieve this success, that you are most likely going to succeed. You just have to yearn for and be hungry for that success; you have to apply your mind to focusing on success in whatever it is that you love to do.

There is absolutely no need to be discouraged by your results; if you have something that you love to do, obsess about it! Make a plan! Follow it to the letter, and be willing to give up any hesitance or procrastination. Don’t waste time, go for it! If you go hard into this life, life will be easy on you. Make it your sole purpose to be successful in this life, and success will come to you.

Enjoy your journey, ex cans. And congratulations on making it past the system; you are all champions!

Written by Doug L Fresh