A lady by the name of Njeri Ngunjiri claims she was attacked by an Uber driver named Stephen in what she describes as a nightmare ride.

The driver was to take her home, however he seemed to take offence when Njeri insisted on giving him proper directions…see part of her Facebook post below

Today at 7.30 p.m.he picked me up from Town.
Didn’t take too kindly to perhaps a woman giving him directions. When I saw our conversation was degenerating, I told him to just stop talking to me and take me to my location.

He’s pissed off at this point and wants to drop me off at a place known as “Makaburi” which is prone to incidents of hijacking and rape . This is when I tell him that I won’t pay him if he doesn’t drop me home. He’s like then I will take you back to Town and I’m like please take me to Parklands Police Station instead.

When we reached where I live, I tell him this is where I live you can stop here. I didn’t want to show him the apartments I live in because at this point I’m scared. He’s like where do you live. Here is fine I say . I’m pissed of at this stage and anyone who knows me will know I curse like a sailor when mad.

He goes…where do you live. And I say again you can drop me here.

This is where it gets bad… the poor excuse hits my arm with his fist.

Njeri then proceeds to explain how a boda boda rider rescued her when she alighted the car because she was fearing for her life. The good Samaritan took her to the police station where she filed a report(see below)