The day started off with a bit of drizzle but this did not stop the determined participants from turning up at the Ligi Ndogo grounds by 09:00am for the Ulta Dream Festival Auditions

Santajoy Njeri and Noel Ndetei (1)

H3 The rapper, T-King,Kush, August


The judges Kat and Clint were paying serious attention to see if the acts had really brought their A game

jUDGES Shem the Dj (1)

There were some amazing acts representing high skools across Kenya such as Miss Matindi who is an awesome rapper with a charming personality.

Pumwani Boys was represented byRnB singer Santajoy Njeri (1)

RnB singer Santajoy Njeri (2)

M.A.D. (Make A Difference) Crew… now these cats have what we call star quality. They brought the crowd to their feet with their song ‘Ubelauri.’ Of their joint, they explained:

“The song is called Ubelauri which is Luhya for ‘how you doing?’ Basically we want to ask people how they are doing as the Lord has been so good to us”

Goshen Boys High School was represented by The Cypher, who is a great lyricist with good flow and wit. Ingotse High School was represented big time by their hip hop act Venture The Lion who charmed the crowd with his mellow rapping skills showcased by his song Deep Down.


Desperado  (2)

St Hannah’s was represented by the ever smiling H3. If there’s one thing that stood out about this 18 year old is that he took the time to come with a DVD of the music he has produced so far. After his performance of his own composition,  ‘Wakati Ni Sasa,’ it is clear he has a future in the hip hop game.

T-Kinjg (1)

T-Kinjg (2)

Universities were not left out either. TUK was represented by the lovely Precious. Her powerful performance of her original composition ‘Shikilia’ impressed the judges immensely. She had great vocals and was actually able to hit the high falsetto notes without sounding awkward. Watch out Kambua and Christina Shusho, there’s something Precious about to hit the music scene! When asked what inspired her to start a career in gospel music, the talented crooner responded:

”  I have a passion for God and through my voice I want to show the world what He has done for me and what He can do for you too !”

Kenya Polytechnic University’s V-Boy showcased his talent in the hip hop category with his performance of his song ‘Dream Again & Step.’ KU was represented by Ambush and August Beyond. Ambush chose to freestyle to an amazing beat. His originality and way with words was exemplary for sure.

H3 The rapper (2)