On September 25th, 2018, President Uhuru Kenyatta was unanimously endorsed as UNICEF’s global Champion of the Young People’s Agenda.

Just two months later, on November 28th, 2018, Mr. Kenyatta appointed former Vice President Moody Awori as a member of the Sports, Art and Social Development Fund board. Mr. Awori is 91 years old.

We’ll let that sink in for a while.

President Kenyatta’s reason for appointing a nonagenarian to a board that serves issues predominantly youth-related matters? The youth are corrupt and cannot be trusted to manage the Fund.

We’ll let that sink in for a while.

This coming from a president to pledged to provide laptops for every primary school child.

A president whose government cannot account for KES. 700 billion (US$ 7 billion) of its own funds.

And we quote Mr. Kenyatta, “This money is yours, but do you really want us to go and appoint people we have seen doing things there? People should just leave me alone. Please!”

Yes, the money is ours. And yes, we need you to appoint young people to a young people’s fund.

And Mr. President; No, we will not leave you alone. You came to the electorate for votes. You are a servant of the people. Kindly do your job. Please!