It’s hardly a month since US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump endorsed Raila Odinga for President, Donald Trump has this time expressed his hate for Uhuru regime, terming it ‘A fellowship of con-men’ of con-men. Speaking to an ABC News pressman after his meeting with black pastors, the GOP said that Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenyan President has failed to lead by example. 

“You see I have been right all along. Uhuru Kenyatta is a dangerous conman that cannot be entrusted with the leadership of a country let alone the chairmanship of even a funeral committee. How can this man carry 23 of his relatives to Paris at the detriment of poor Kenyans? How can he take with him his daughter to a forum she has idea about? What does Guinea as – he struggled to mention Ngina – know about climate change? Can she even define the term climate? This man is simply a tourist who loves to holiday around the world. Since he went to the “white House”, he has made more trips to foreign countries compared to his own country. I don’t know Kenya well and I have never stepped foot there but my intelligence tells me that ever since he was elected, Mr. ‘Keniatta’ has never stepped foot in the North Eastern Province. People say that I hate these Africans, no it is the ridiculous things they do that I hate. How do you carry the entire community to a climate Change forum at the expense of poor denizens? Is this not a fellowship of con-men?I hear he sends to jail bloggers from the opposition side and whoever criticizes him. Freedom of Press must be espoused by all leaders including Mr. Keniatta” Answered Mr. Trump as he confirmed he loves Kenya and would one day love to visit.