These scandals are getting too much. It is unbelievable the level to which the current government is stealing.

According to The Star Uhuru’s sister Nyokabi Kenyatta Muthama and cousin Kathleen Kihanya have been identified as the owners of Sundales International Limited that looted HIV/AIDS money. The company was registered just five months after Uhuru got into power

The paper further reports that the company has been awarded many tenders since then

‘Between September 2014 and February this year, for instance, Sundales won at least five separate tenders from the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority — worth KSh270 million,” Star reports

The said company is involved in the supplies of heavy equipment, spare parts, construction materials, non-pharmaceuticals, food and a full range of printing services.

Let us wait and see how the government will respond to this. Guess we will have to accept and move on!