Stormzy (Left) and King Kaka (Right)

Let’s gossip. Just a little bit. I stumbled upon this jam “Big for your boots” by this artiste called Stormzy. Nice jam, but what caught my eye is the resemblance with our own King Kaka. I thought, maybe it was him. Then, I peeped into his social media pages and found big names high-fiving him. Adelle tweeted about him, and then former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand gave him a heads-up for his album. Then did King Kaka himself.

Stormzy (Left) and King Kaka (Right)
Stormzy (Left) and King Kaka (Right)

The rapper (King Kaka) wrote about Stormzy, who was to drop his album,

“Great Album Cover. My Cousin @stormzyofficial is dropping that New Gang Signs and Prayers Album. This Friday. Itakuwa Kubwaaaaaaaaaaa”

Wait, King Kaka has cousin in the UK who is also a rapper? But how? The two really look alike. Tall and of course dark. Then they like three-piece suits, yes. Another striking similarity is how they both trim their beards.

So I wanted to know more about ‘King Kaka’s cousin’.

  1. His real name is Michael Omari. (Omari ????) That name sounds like it’s from Nyanza, right?
  2. Born 26 July 1993 in ThornTon Heath, London.

We know we Kenya has exported so much talent out there. Divock Origi, Lupita Nyong’o and many more. Is Omari a new one to this list?