19 year-old Nancy Wanza was murdered at Umoja 3 estate on the evening of December 30th 2015, and attempting to dispose her body at Kiambu District Hospital. This is just the beginning of a sad tale in which her boyfriend is the No. 1 suspect in her murder.

Joe Abuga, 19 years,  was on Tuesday arraigned in court and charged with killing his girlfriend who was a student at St Teresa girl’s secondary school in Eastleigh. He was arraigned at Milimani law courts on Tuesday.

Abuga is a suspected gangster and  has a history of arrests over thefts and muggings in Umoja estate.LEFT: The suspect, Joe Abuga, at Milimani law courts on February 16, 2015. RIGHT: The deceased Nancy Wanza.

Parents of the deceased had reported to police the disappearance of their daughter and how they suspected that the boyfriend had something to do with it.

At the time, police had no evidence linking him to the disappearance, but he was arrested and released on a cash bail and ordered to be reporting to the police station every week.job1

He was later arrested and put in police custody after the court granted police seven days to finish their investigation and arraign him in court.

She is said to have been a gifted athlete who played football in the school’s team and was also a member of the Redeemed Gospel Church Mathare football team.

She will be buried in Sagana, on February 20, 2016.

What is going wrong in our society ; are we taking matters of the heart too far? Why should a young life be taken in such a gruesome way. It is most likely that she was experiencing abuse in the hands of her boyfriend. The signs of control and violence must have been there.

It us up to the older generation in our society to guide and protect our young ones. Take the time to observe behavior changed in any young teen in your life. You could save a life.