Mang’u Open
Was Mang’u Open really worth the while? Where are the girls? How dare we call this a ‘funkie’ when the ratio of dudes to mamas is 7:1. Don’t judge my math though. Apparently, it was to make the boys more focused. My goodness! They are just normal teens. Who does that to boys, man? It’s just not fair. They definitely want to get naughty and have fun. It’s not like that’s what they’ll think about every time. Well, maybe one of the first two weeks or so.

We walked around and realised that there were actually a few girl schools — from the likes of St Anne Lioki to Compuera Girls, St Francis Girls High School Mang’u and Loreto Girls. Perhaps the administrators picked them according to academic performance. The highlight was the presence of Nairobi International School but of course their students were only interested in their basketball game, then they left.

From the dance moves and the music, the guys at Mang’u Open had various styles. Hunky and students from Gatunguri High (Franchise Unit) danced and made the whole ‘funky’ come alive. After that was Muroria with the G Move and Muhoho Skool with Shake Shake, an interesting approach that no other school took. So when The Insyder decided to turn up at the ‘funkie’, everyone appeared. Even boys did the ‘one drop’! How amazing is that? Would QQ have to change the song to, “Every boy a wanna do di wanna drop”? It sounds gay. LOL! The mother of all moves was the twerk. Guys definitely had fun with that. Not until the DJ played EDM. Riddim diehards wondered what EDM freaks were doing because, according to them, jumping around isn’t dancing. ROFL.

What was the sad part? The hosts weren’t allowed to have fun and if found doing so, were put inside the school cell. How sad can life be? The only awesome zone was the pool area where all the cool kids hang out. There was good music and great talk.

What a ‘funkie’!