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Commitment, pride and hard work – the mantra that drives one of the most celebrated football teams in the region. When they grace the field, they sting fiercely and fast, no doubt every team trembles within their sight.

The LCM football team is no grazing field where you simply go take a stroll, it’s a factory of talent. To be an athlete fit to be part of this high-class team, you have to put in the hard work and constantly practise to be better than you were the previous day. It’s sweat and pain, and that’s what moulds a superstar. 

2019 has been a trying yet highly successful year for the team. Tremendous performances from the team and a lot of young blood fitting in greatly. After several heartbreaking moments in the first term Opens Series, we stabilised and made history as a team. We started the 2019 season by losing to Olympic in the quarterfinals stage of Mang`u Opens and St. Bridgit’s Kiminini at the same stage in the Bush Tournament.

At this point, it looked like we were in for a long season of heartbreaks. But champions are people who fail but never stop trying. Through the unending support of our able Patrons; Mr Ondiek, Mr Ouma and Mr Jumba, we have seen motivation levels go higher and performances from the girls go into merit. Boasting a season-high score to match average of 2.5 goals per game(27 goals in 11 matches).

Our attacking-based football became the key to our high this year. Each and every player understood and bloomed with confidence in their respective roles. Self-belief and determination made teamwork true success. Having triumphed at the Westlands Sub County, we made our maiden appearance at the regionals.

After winning all our Group Stage Matches, a hard-fought Quarterfinals match ended with a heartbreaking exit through Post-Match penalty shootouts.

Understandably the season ended in tears but we take absolute pride in what we’ve achieved in 2019. National games have become our next target. Being part of a team means so much more than the title that comes with it, and you learn that each and every time you walk in for practice.

The most important aspect of a team is the relationship with each team member. Through all the blood, all the sweat, and all the tears; may the team spirit never die. “My success is the team’s success. It’s one of those things to a certain degree that it’s effort and ability but also how I benefit from what my teammates do, and then it is up to me to perform,”  said Jason Babin.

May the Red Ants continue to sting with the venom of success. See you in 2020.

By Hope Kasuku (304) LCM


Is she a student, an entrepreneur or an oncologist? You’d be surprised that she is all of them! An embodiment of a multitalented youth who has her fangs ready to conquer the world!

The founder of INTERMED (Innovation, Nature, Talent, Education, Rights, Medical facilities, Environment and Development), a youth organisation that has set its eyes on empowering the underprivileged but ambitious and talented youth of Kibera.

The non-profit organisation has empowered a number of talented youth within the crafts industry by funding raw material supplies and sourcing potential markets for the same products.

While doing this, the organisation reaps only 20% out of the profits to sustain their operations and widen their scope and reach. Nicole was born from witnessing the vast number of talented individuals who were victims of their low financial capabilities and lack of opportunities. 

Nicole’s inspiring journey has caught other organisations’ attention who have decided to partner with her and impact more lives positively.

She has acquired three partners so far, with one of them being based in Australia, Save World bracelets. The Australian organisation will be shipping in bracelets with messages to support the cause. 

Despite doing all this at such a young age, Nicole still manages to balance her entrepreneurship realm and her academics. She is also an ardent fan of the violin, which she also plays with unrivalled excellence.

To ensure that she connects with her world and gives people a piece of her thoughts, she is a contributor in a newspaper segment called Generation Next.

She credits her hardworking and humble mentality to her father who she says really inspires her. “Let your success speak and make noise for you!” concludes Nicole. 



You’ve probably heard the name, Jason Danford, somewhere on Supersport or ESPN. He is is the Leclerc and Mbappe of swimming in the post-Phelps generation. A Kenyan conquering the swimming arena all around the world. He is an iconic inspiration to the young Loreto Convent Msongari School swimming team. 

A team of 9 sharks whom you would mistake to be slow on the ground but when they feel some drops of water on their skin… the narrative takes a u-turn! They evolve into a fierce pack of sharks ready to terrorise their opponents with their speed underwater. And of course, at the helm is their leader, Coach Mrs Annabelle Akinyi who is always ready to guide them into victory. 

Our main interest is nurturing our talents. Most of our swimmers have swimming as more of a natural-born talent rather than a learnt skill. When we nurture our talents, we also aim to give back to the community.

We plan to achieve this by teaching the youth, especially the unemployed ones, the skill and help to keep them away from drugs and crime by making them busy and they might as well end up representing their regions, schools and the country at large. 

We have the determination and aim as a team. We really strive and work extra hard to do our very best in everything but, of course, it doesn’t come as easy as it seems considering the fact that we are still students. One of the main challenges we face is consistency.

To be very honest, being consistent is very hard considering we have to strike a balance between swimming and our classwork. However, our goals and aspirations drive us as a team and motivate us to work hard and create the required balance. 

As a team, we are very committed to what we do and what we achieve. 

We have very intensive training as we train twice a day. Our morning training session is at 5.00am while the evening session is at 4.00pm. All the sessions are well attended since our team is made up of people that have a passion for what they do and what they have to do as swimmers. 

By Winnie Kanogo (Yr. 11) LCM