Michael Macharia with UhuruYou guys are well aware of the path that the education system has laid out for us, yeah? We go through twelve years of elementary and secondary learning, and after that we choose a degree course. Not only based on our KCSE grade, but also on what our parents THINK is best for us. (Not what they know, what they think) And that determines how we spend the better part of our lives; working at jobs for which we may have little love. And it is expected that we should comply with it, right?

Mike Macharia LinkedIn ScreenWrong! It does not have to be like that, and Seven Seas Technologies Group founder and CEO Michael Macharia realized that shortly after beginning his degree course. Having enrolled into Egerton University to undertake a Bachelor of Science in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, Michael dropped out in 1997. A year after he started. The reason for which he did this was that he did not find any connection with what he wanted to do, which was to become an entrepreneur.

Mike Macharia Bob CollymoreHaving already completed a certification in accounting, he became a chartered accountant and joined Comtech Systems. His good performance there ensured that he soon took up the position of Sales & Marketing Manager. Despite contributing greatly to the growth of the company, it was difficult to calm the entrepreneurial spirit that burned deep inside of Michael. Hel left the company after one and a half years to start Seven Seas Technology. And he was only 25 years old!

Mike MachariaThis turned out to be the best decision Michael had ever made in his life. 15 years later, Michael has expanded the company by great proportions. Annually, it makes upward of Kshs. 2 Billion and it has expanded into Ethiopia, Burundi, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and even Portugal in Europe.

By providing solutions to business needs using technology, Michael is contributing to the society greatly by doing what he loves. May he serve as an inspiration to ex cans who want to follow their dreams.