The future of Manchester United star goalkeeper has been the central point of discussion throughout the entire 2015/16 transfer window. With De Gea in phenomenal form, United’s known tenacity to hold on to their star players (Cristiano Ronaldo, anyone? Before the record breaking transfer fee, of course) and Real Madrid’s unwithering relentness in pursuit of the players they want, it was bound to be an interesting game of playing to DDG’s vanity until he gave in; something which has been evident in recent weeks, with De Gea having missed games.

However, the matter seems to be coming to a close with reports in Spain and England suggesting that a deal may be done soon; according to ESPN, De Gea might be a Real Madrid player before today midnight Spanish Local Time.

This deal would come as no surprise, as it was meant to be done weeks ago; with United’s apparent dissatisfaction in Sergio Romero, a deal for Keylor Navas would be a decent piece of business on their part I’d presume, as unlikely as it sounds.

Do you think this move would benefit Manchester United? Give us your views.


Doug L Fresh