Rihanna, the Hollywood superstar is not only turning heads in the entertainment industry but also in the charity world. The star has been seen doing a lot of charity work in Malawi, an East African country. The Barbadian born star started her charity works in 2006 and six through her Believe foundation. It is aimed at helping children with special needs and terminal illnesses.

Rihanna has recently declared that all proceeds from her Fenty beauty line will be aimed at helping the women and children in Malawi. Fenty, for those wondering deals in beauty products ranging from make-up, lipstick and many more which cater for people of all kinds of skin tones. The Clara Lionel foundation work together with Rihanna to ensure the charity organizations are undertaken. The Clara Lionel foundation deals with effective education, emergency response and provision of healthcare programs around the world.

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Rihanna, in association with Clara Lionel foundation and global partnership for education undertake programs to improve female education by providing scholarships to girls in Malawi. Rihanna has proven to the world that being a top star does not limit one from giving back to the community.