Yesterday, The Insyder reported on the 19 year old teen who fatally stabbed her boyfriend.

Now details are emerging about the tragic indecent. The lady, who is pregnant, is currently still being held at the police station.

The victim, Kelvin Ikatwa, was stabbed in the neck and scummed to his injuries early Wednesday morning.

Police said the 19-year-old used a kitchen knife to kill Kelvin, 25, at 3.30am , moments after he arrived at her house in Kangemi

A source has come forward to give his own narration of what he believes caused the dispute between the lovers.

Kelvin (left) and the picture of the different woman that he posted on Facebook (right). PHOTOS | COURTESY
The photo of the woman which he posted on Tuesday.


Apparently the lady lost it because her late boyfriend posted a  photo of another woman on his Facebook wall.

Kelvin, popularly known as Razor, was a third-year University of Nairobi student.

According to the source, he spoke to Kelvin on Tuesday afternoon

“We chatted at 2pm. He said we would meet the next day as he was going to see his girlfriend. Then he went offline.”

The body was taken to Chiromo Mortuary. It is said the woman will be arraigned for murder on Friday.

The landlord said Kelvin was stabbed while in the house and as he got out, probably with the intention of seeking help, fell at the doorstep and died.