The video is only 12 hours old and already has 2000 shares. The talent displayed by the students in this video has left many Kenyans in awe.

There is no doubt that we have major musical talent in our secondary schools; as is evident in the TV show My Skool which airs every Saturday on KTN.

Around 1992-1994, a few young men from Upper Hill Secondary school decided to form a christian union singing group. Through this group ‘Voice in the light’, many groups have been born, that have continued to achieve great success in the  Kenyan music scene and international. Some of the acts that have been borne are Scott The Violinist, Penthamony and Sauti Sol .

The video which went viral this morning, features the students performing what can only be described as an angelic cover of the Sauti Sol hit track featuring Aaron Rimbui, ‘Kuliko Jana’  The group is called Redforth Chorus 

Let their voices blow you away!