Talk of a joke gone terribly wrong. Ellen DeGeneres has been accused of being a racist after tweeting a meme of Usain Bolt.

The Photo-shopped image shows her riding the back of the Olympic gold medalist in what is now an iconic image of him casually smiling at the camera during his winning 100 meter men’s final sprint.

Backlash: Ellen DeGeneres was accused of being a racist after she posted a meme of her riding on Olympian Usain Bolt's back on Monday

The American superstar is facing criticism from some twitter users. She has been accused of being racicst and extremely insensitive for posting the meme.

Check out some of the angry tweets from some users below

Uproar: One Twitter user insisted 'delete this racist garbage'

Speaking out: Another Twitter user wrote, 'So riding on his back like a mule, a horse as some form of property is fun to you...Ok.'

So do you agree with some of the tweets?