Well, when you hear the name ‘Usain Bolt’ the first thing that comes to your head is breaking records in the track. That’s what he does. However, the fastest man on earth is also known for other things.

Last year in Rio De Janeiro Brazil during the Olympics, Bolt was caught in bed with a 20-year old student by name Jady Duate.

At Rio
At Rio


He was however not perturbed by the photos going viral, he even went ahead and told the telegraph ‘You get famous, there’s so much pressure of girls wanting you’. Remember he had announced that he’d be walking down the aisle soon, and the controversy seemingly stalled it all. But in an interview with The Daily Mirror UK, he said he will not marry at below 35 years.

In the same year at London, Bolt partied with 10 women before heading to his hotel room, with all of them! So it’s his way of life. He really likes having fun and live life to the fullest.

So over the weekend he was at Trinidad in a colorful carnival. The star was covered in paint all over, as well as other revelers and he really had some big fun. Check out the photos below;

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