Victoria Kimani is in Nairobi for the video shoot of their hit “Live It Up” featuring Dj Creme De La Creme and Redsan. The bbotyful singer, who had been signed by Nigerian label Chocolate City before ditching them last week, is among the few successful female musicians that Kenya has had in the recent times. However, many feel that her success is largely because she grew her career outside Kenya, something that might have been difficult to achieve had she started in Kenya.

Earlier today songbird was doing rounds in the city and one thing caught her eyes, the billboards. All the Billboards have foreign artistes as the headlining acts and some of Kenya’s guruz are put to curtain raise for the main acts, who she calls B-list artistes from wherever they come. “The day we stop using our A list artists as opening acts for Other B list “intl” artists is the day We begin actually winning,” one of her tweets read.

She didn’t stop there. She went onto her Instagram and ranted as well.