The drama keeps on brewing in gospel musician, Bahati’s palace. Just a couple of weeks after introducing upcoming artist Peter Blessings to the lime light, the two already seem to be having a rough relationship. The artist whom he highly praised and admitted that was under his umbrella of mentorship, hasn’t quite settled down at EMB records and is already making headlines for brushing shoulders with the owner of the records.

Peter Blessings released a song dubbed “Why” in which he really praised Bahati for assisting him through his career in music. However, the song was deleted as soon as it made trends on Youtube.

“I don’t understand why my song has been pulled down. I thanked Bahati in my new song because I have no problem with him and because he helped me…” Peter Blessings stated.


However, it has now come out clear that Bahati didn’t like the idea of being mentioned in the song and hence ordered the song to be pulled down from Youtube. The duo have been at loggerheads with each other recently with this now being the latest scandal.

The Bahati empire keeps on getting juicier by the day, we just wonder for how long before the sweetness runs out and it turns out a bitter sour affair?