Many of us are just born knowing that Valentine’s Day is the one day in the year that we are supposed to celebrate love in a grand way. But how many of us actually know the origins of this day and what it truly means??

According to writer Arnie Seipel, the Romans celebrated a three-day festival called Lupercalia, during which, “The men sacrificed a goat and a dog, then whipped women with the hides of the animals they had just slain.” Getty Images 187574418Encyclopaedia Britannica notes that the men were “required to laugh” during the ritual, and that a woman being whipped was supposedly rendered fertile. From there, a “matchmaking lottery” took place, in which men drew women’s names and then “coupled” with them, or, as World Religion News put it, “[acted] as lovers or partners for the entire duration of the festival.”

Eventually, the “very ancient” festival was linked with William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, as the setting where he refuses his crown, though that has nothing to do with how the day came to be all cards and chocolate. The rest of the history is a bit hard to follow, since there was apparently more than one guy named Valentine murdered on February 14..oh well let’s just try ignore this and celebrate the day as always !