When Trey Songz was around last week for Coke Studio Season 4, he got to spend some time with Vanessa Mdee.

Vanessa and her man Jux

She was spotted hanging out quite a bit with the American superstar ;people started speculating that the two had a thing for each other.The photos made people believe that Vanessa was cheating on her Tanzanian boyfriend Jux with the super fine Trey.




Well now Vanessa is speaking up about the hideous rumors.

Speaking to Bongo 5 she cleared everything up

The video and pictures going around are misinterpreted, I worked for MTV and had met Trey before, we were cool then and are cool now. I respect him, Juma and all our fans.”

Being a female artist in Africa, people are always waiting for any opportunity to tarnish ones image, and disregard years of hard work and success. Watch this space am about to give them more. Kazi tu.”

There you have it, ain’t nothing wrong with a girl having fun with a fellow artist. What most people seem to have forgotten is that when Mdee was working as a VJ for MTV, she go the chance to meet Trey, so they two obviously had some rapport.