“Vera Sidika needs to be arrested, ASAP.”

That is what most netizens demanded after Vera flaunted about going to a party yesterday night at around 10.20 P.M, a time way past the curfew deadline issued by the government to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Vera’s IG stories about going partying

The  curfew and lockdown, which should be implemented by each and every Kenya; seemed to be lost on the socialite as she wrote, in one of the IG stories videos in which she laughs and drinks with her friend:

Lockdown for who?

That is what added salt to the wound f netizens. To imagine someone going to a party during these trying times, and probably contributing to further spread of the virus! Most of the netizens later took their grievances to  Edgar Obare’s IG stories, which as we know, is the haven for celebrity gossip.

Netizens demanding Vera be arrested.

However, as much as they complained and demanded Vera be arrested and put on forced-quarantine, that did not happen. Vera, as it turned out, was just pulling on their pigtails, and it worked.

She later took it on Instagram to say how she loved provoking her haters; and how, in fact, she did not go to any party., let alone with an ambulance which some people assumed.

Vera reacting to the demands that she be arrested