Vera Sidika can stand to make a lot of money by suing whoever she thinks is spreading lies and false photos about her skin falling or not falling off. What we thought were just her reactions of sour grapes to photos that were too gruesome to portray her current skin condition.

vera sidikaYeah, she probably had Kwale man in mind, trying to get his number and ask him if he’s a ‘cane-for-hire’. However, after reading this she could actually learn how to get paid for the damage already done, I wonder who did that though; the cream she was prescribed, the prescriber of said cream, the picture takers at the club, the phone camera manufacturers, Facebook etc etc.

Nude Hacks1In Hollywood, the hacker is still at it. Forget crying over spilt milk, the pictures are already out there. Female celebs have decided to join hands and instead sue Google for not having taken down the hacked nude pictures when it could as well have. Attorney Marty Singer is reported by Page Six online media as having written a letter to Google founders accusing them of ‘blatantly unethical behavior’ on behalf of over a dozen of the stars involved, the gossip column reported.

‘Because the victims are celebrities with valuable publicity rights you do nothing – nothing but collect millions of dollars in advertising revenue – as you seek to capitalize on this scandal rather than quash it,’ the letter reportedly said.

nikki-nnudeJust how much for, I hear you ask, more than a whopping Ksh. 9.1 billion worth in damages if they are successful.

Although the names of which women are exactly suing isn’t mentioned, we know that Meagan Good, Rihanna, Gabrielle Union are amongst them. However, Amber Heard was the most affected with 52 of her photos being unleashed.

Maybe, she can have Willy Paul on board as co-complainant for apparently having a bad photo of him in the media too.

By Thomas Rajula