Vera Sidika is once again back on the headlines! After breaking up with sensational Bongo artiste, Otile Brown, she left team Mafisi salivating for an opportunity to be next in line. This opened the field for long time admirers of the Instagram queen, to battle it out and see who wins her heart. One of the contenders who stood out is the Pacho records producer, Jegede. Jegede hasn’t felt ashamed to publicly declare her undying love for the curvaceous Vera.

He first caught people’s attention when he confessed in an interview at Radio Maisha about his desires for the Instagram beauty. He stated that he started admiring Vera when he once met her at the studio and was really impressed by her beauty. He couldn’t express her feelings then since she was still in a relationship with Otile Brown. However now that she is free, he cant resist telling the world how deep he is in love with Vera.

He has been posting controversial posts on his Instagram page about his affections for the socialite. Here are a few statements from the post:

“She drives me crazy and am ready to risk it all!”

“Every woman deserves a man who will proudly praise her in front of other women not the one who praises other women in front of her. Isn’t she lovely? Nachizi walai!!!”

When the singer met Vera Sidika, he could not hold his joy and took to social media to celebrate with his fans. He wrote on his post with Vera:

“Unlike other men, I just want to show you how much I care and adore you, I mean, how can someone leave you? To go where? You’re such an amazing soul. Am really into you, I can sing an album for you, I can cook for you, I can do so many things within my powers for you… so many people think I don’t deserve you but Love… Love will prove them wrong! Walai Vera, you have bewitched me, body and soul!”

However Vera has come out to deny knowing the singer on a personal level. She claims the singer is trying to use her name for fame.

The singer has even released a song dedicated to Vera Sidika: