Vera Sidika kenya

Kenya’s arguably sexiest socialite Vera Sidika recently turned 21. My reaction was just similar to yours. Will Vera ever accept her age? 

She was in the Maldives Islands for vacation (business, maybe?) about a day ago. She is also having a challenge proving that she paid for that trip. Someone claims she was sponsored. She then went on to Snapchat to prove that’s her hard earned paper. The screenshots will be the judge of that.

Anyway, pictures are her thing so she posted a photo on her gram with the caption ’21 has never looked better.’ In 2015, she had also done a similar thing. As in she had also turned 21. Vera thrives on controversies (obviously) and this is just a move to get us talking about her. Ever since her Instagram account was hacked, there hasn’t been major news about her. She is also set to release a tell-all book.

It’s a common joke that we make about women and their age. We always say that chics don’t reveal their ages but reliving your 21st birthday is a no-no. Vera Sidika might also be talking about something else entirely. 21 is a number just like any other. The socialite has been living a splashy life on social media and who knows, maybe 21(thousand) is the price of her latest handbag or pair of shoes. Yes, she must have forgotten to add those zeros on her post because zero is insignificant when you’re a celebrity.

Anyhoo, check out the post and throw in your opinion. How old do you think she is? Should we even be discussing her age, after all, it’s her life? But she’s a celeb and we’re her fans (okay, some of you) so we ought to know since she started it. Happy 21st birthday Vera, if that’s your real age.

??☕️? @queenveebosset ??? You wanna confirm or confute this????

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