Mirror mirror on the wall…who is the finest socialite of them all? Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe have been at odds for the longest time now

These two lasses who are in the same “industry” have never managed to share the spotlight together.


But come Monday , Huddah publicly revealed that she adores her “archfoe” Sidika meaning that their beef may be finally over.

This stunt comes years after the two have suffered at each others mercy .


Huddah Monroe not only publicly declared her love for Vera Sidika but she went ahead to blame the media for their fall out and for interrupting their friendship.



Before the story even had a chance to go viral, Vera also commented by expressing how much Huddah means to her. At this point we all thought it was a joke, until……..she posted



I have always loved you boothang. We should stay away from “They” always trying to break us. I Miss the good old days…amazing memories…I’m always smiling thinking about it???…2 crazy bad Bitchez!!! Stay Blessed Sweetheart❤️

It looks like this might be the year of “squashing beef”