Vera has many “hustles” that she claims support her extremely lavish lifestyle. So it seem she does’t need the latest huslte that has made her more popular than recent times.

She even added in her bio that she is a Reality TV star…but now it seems that is going to change

If you follow Nairobi Diaries, you may have noticed that Vera has been missing from recent episodes, for unknown reasons.

Well now we can confirm that she has officially quit the show as of yesterday.

Vera claims that show has too much negative energy and it is doing more harm than good for her.

Pendo, pictured left, is Vera’s biggest rival and is always running her mouth about how much she hates Vera..maybe this is the negativity Vera is talking about…..

Question is, will the show survive without her? It has been claimed numerous times that Nairobi Diaries revolves around Vera and her antics…..we will just wait and see