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"Omosh" and "OJ" of Tahidi High

Popular Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia popularly known as Omosh for his sensational role in the show has disclosed his recent struggles with alcoholism, depression and meagre pay from the show. “Omosh” has been a long time face in the show making him a household name across the country. However, ever since the show was discontinued, the actor has been having a very tough time in his private life. In a radio interview, the actor decided to share with his fans what he has been going through.

Tahidi High
Tahidi High actors on set

The actor, speaking to Radio Jambo’ s Massawe Japanni opened up on some of his most private struggles in life in the recent year after exiting the TV show. Omosh revealed that his struggle with alcoholism originated from his financial hardships while acting in the show. The amount of money that he used to earn from acting in the show, was not enough to cater for his needs at the time. The actor used to be paid Ksh. 18,000 per episode, which would amount to about Ksh. 72,000 monthly since Tahidi High used to air four times a month.

Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh

“Unaweza dhani ni pesa mingi tunapatiwa, lakini my friend ukajua ni ngapi tunapewa, unawezashangaa. Kule unalipwa na episodes zile umeact, sio ati unalipwa mwisho wa mwezi.  Unalipwa per episode na episode moja ni kama 18,000. Kwa mwezi zinaendanga nne…”

The actor is currently not getting paid since Tahidi High is only airing the re-runs of the show. Due to the meagre pay he used to get, the popular actor had been living a stressful life, trying to meet his family’s needs. This was even escalated by the discontinuation of the show and the pandemic which locked out all his side hustles. This rendered him jobless and as a result his struggles with alcoholism increased. He also experienced periods of depression which really affected him and his family.


He has however managed to go to rehab for three months and is now leading an alcohol free life. The former Tahidi High actor is currently scouting for an employment opportunity.