Cynthia Morgan, Victoria Kimani’s look-alike, is allegedly the cause of the wrangle between P-Square’s Peter and his elder brother Jude Okeye.

Cynthia Morgan
Cynthia Morgan
See how they look alike!!
See how they look alike!!

Peter is accusing Jude of poor management, seeing as Jude is P-Square’s manager. Last night he took to twitter to write a lot of hurtful things to his brother. Paul was the only neutral one in the nasty scenario. See below:

Psquare Fans i know y’all have been asking a lot of question concerning us.

I don’t have a problem with Paul but the management.

My loyalty for psquare and the fans still remains 100%.

A manager is been employed by the artiste not the other way round. #truthBeTold

Psquare is Peter and Paul Okoye

People change management and you r not different.

Peter and Paul has the right to sack the entire management team. Business is Business. #Period

Peter and Paul is Psquare and every other person is an attachment #

Pls who so ever makes any transaction with Northside Entertainment or Jude Okoye on Psquare’s behalf does so at their on risk. #warning

Family business can be pain in the a$$.

Pls peter and Paul are Psquare not with Jude. Thanks

How can you run a Business with no structure.

What the fans want is Peter and Paul Psquare and that’s what I want. Period!

Forcing your self that you must remain Psquare’s is so cray! #enough

I have regretted a lot of things in my life… But trust me this is not one of them. #NoMoreFamilyBusiness

I stand here 100% for my brother Paul and Psquare but not with our so called management. #period

Psquare is not breaking up. But the management needs to go.

And for those that will start saying Psquare is breaking up. We are not. Just that the management needs to go.

Psquare is not breaking up. I stand here to defend Psquare 100%

Been nurturing and managing this problems for over 4yrs now. Don’t take my silence as a weakness. #done

JUDE Engees OKOYE : My brother Please be prayerful. Only God can rescue u

Peter Okoye: You said I need Prayers! Bro you need GOD!

Paul Okoye: You have family issues, you discuss that in close doors, not in social media, If you don’t do family business, then who am I to you?

As much as Peter makes it seem that it’s all about Jude’s poor management skills, Yaba Left, a leading Nigerian Entertainment site, revealed that the fight was actually because of a woman. The woman in question being Cynthia Morgan. Seems like Jude took Cynthia from Peter.

left-right: Peter, Jude and Paul Okeye
left-right: Peter, Jude and Paul Okeye

What happened to “Bros before who***”

By: Joan Ranagara