Last week, Viola Karuri released a Swahili adaptation of the world’s most watched song on YouTube, DESPACITO. And it should definitely be the official Swahili Despacito cover.

Viola Karuri is a singer, songwriter, recording and performing artiste. A graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, her music is her expression of emotion, thought and culture.

Viola’s Tanzanian roots and the fact that she spent the better part of her childhood living at the Kenyan coast has richly influenced her mastery and command of the Swahili language which you fall in love with when you listen to this adapted version.

This DESPACITO Swahili adaptation is very sensual and still maintains the original song’s energy and up-tempo. We can bet her fans had missed her irresistible and sweet voice.

Watch Despacito Swahili Video by Viola Karuri here:

Editor’s note


With her debut album, Everything, and a number of singles, including Milele (featuring Collo), Aibu (Out the door), and YOLO under her belt, she is currently working on her sophomore album