The state of Kenyan politics is nothing short of a disgrace, from the vulgar comments thrown around, to the misuse of poor citizens for political mass movements.

The latest debacle is between Embakasi East MP Babu Owino and Nairobi Governer Mike Sonko. It all started when Sonko blatantly called Babu a homosexual. It seems that the former did not take this lightly, and even after days of detention he still had a few choice words for the governor.

Babu’s speech in Kibera, after he was released, was an attack against the Nairobi governor who called him shoga’ and ‘mbwa’ earlier this week.

Babu left the crowd stunned and amused when he indicated that he is ready to live up to the insults and “bang Mike Sonko”

Speaking in Swahili while addressing Kibera residents, Babu said he had two children and was looking forward to have a third one. He explained that he was ready to ‘bang’ Sonko to get a third child since he called him ‘shoga’ (gay), a sign that Sonko wanted him.

See an excerpt of his speech below.

“Nataka niambie Sonko, uliniiita shoga mimi nko na watoto wawili nataka kuongeza wa tatu…kama uliniita shoga inamaanisha yakwamba unanitamani. Na kama unanitamani mimi pia nimekuangalia naona uko na figure eight, ntakuja niingize kitu ndani,” said Babu Owino.

Watch the full video below