waka-flocka pres

Ok. This guy woke up at 4/20 and decided to run for presidency!!!

Is he serious? Oh, in case you’re still loading, I’m talking of none other but Waka Flocka Flame.  Apparently our friend from the United States woke up and decided to run for presidency… not in Kenya (of course it can’t be here), not in Africa (why would he?)… But in the land of dreamers… AMERICA!!!

He said this, and I quote, “I’m very pleased to announce today on 4/20 the best day of the year, I will be running for president,” The “No Hands” rapper said in his campaign video (Via Rolling Stone)

He’s planning to legalize Marijuana when he wins it (we all know he can’t win it, but let’s flow with him now) and guess what it will be called “The Presidential Kush”

His First Mandates-

  • No animals, specifically dogs to be allowed in restaurants. “Why should they even be together with human beings at the restaurants?
  • Guys with big feet (plus 13) shouldn’t walk on streets of America coz they have super size feet that will fill the corridors of America; they should get cabs or buses.


  • He believes that kids should be taught reality while in school- and reality to him is that Marijuana is real and people use it, including him their president (as if he’ll win it)
  • Every kid joining school, should first learn his lyrics before admission( I can’t even pronounce this guys name)





  • I’m gonna raise all minimum wages “

Women’s’ Rights-

  • “What else do women want?”

The Other Candidates-

  • His only competition is Hillary Clinton.

Running mate-

  • He’s running mate, had this to say… “There’s gonna be unlimited weed smoking in our era”


Remember the hash tags #Waka2016 #WakaForAmerica #Waka4Prez 


Yours truly,

Sir Okumba