Two years after that fateful road accident that claimed one of her closest friends Tiona, Wangechi is finally opening up about the moment that changed her life forever

Below is an excerpt from an interview she recently had with The Nairobian reporter

What caused the accident?

I cannot remember much about the night. I can only trace the events of the night through two people’s accounts. No one mentioned alcohol. But I do understand why people would presume there was alcohol involved considering there was a dinner party that we had come from.

Do you remember your last moments with Tiona?

Yeah, I remember we sang along to one of our favorite songs at my friend’s party.

The Late Tiona

Have you recovered from the accident?

Not yet. I hope in due time I will get over it.

Months later, a botched security drill at your college resulted in one death. Did this freak you out?

Not really. I wasn’t in school at the time. I was just about to clear school, so I was home studying for my exams. I remember a cousin of mine calling me to find out if I was safe, but I was totally clueless.

When I went on Twitter, that’s when I saw what was going on. Clearly, God did not want me to go through more than I can handle. It affected me in a different way. The students had so many questions which the administration couldn’t answer.

What pushed you to recovery?

I didn’t want the accident to define my future. I couldn’t picture a life where I couldn’t do the things I loved like, getting on stage or travelling. Also, I had a very good support system. My family, friends and doctors took care of me and encouraged me.

Did the accident change how you view life?

Yes. There are very many things I didn’t cherish or view as important. My mind-set has changed and I do everything knowing that life is short and only stay in relationships with people that I know will be there for me, no matter what.

You participated in Coke Studio. Why do you think they chose you despite the fact that you were still recovering?

I think they saw it as a great opportunity to motivate me. I needed to fully recover. My producer, Kevin Provoke, is actually the one who called me to break the news and I wondered, ‘Why me?’ I was just recovering from the accident. I was quite honored that they chose someone who could easily pass out on stage. I started a serious recovery programme because I did not want to disappoint them.

Despite going through something traumatic, Wangechi has proven herself and remained one of the finest femcees we have in Kenya.

She just released her latest track no limit yesterday. This is the beginning of a promising 2016 for Wangechi