Which is the dopest Nganya in Nai right now? Well, you’ll take sides. Rongai fellas will say Phantom while Umo guys say it’s Medussa. But we all agree, Matatu pimping is the in-thing right now and each hood has it’s Mats as a source of pride. Ngong has Old Skool and Transformers. Kitengela has Viper, which is far ???. But before they hit the road, who does all the graphics? The pimping and all that glam is art by men and women we rarely know. Meet Brian Otieno, alias Oksechi. He’s a designer and does graphics in Mats. He’s got his own company called BC. Oksechi is working on Slasher currently, a mat plying the Kasa route. Slasher was his first professional job he ever did. He recalls the day he was told to work on this Mat, he hadn’t worked on a project on his own. So it was a bit tricky.

Interestingly, Nganya pimping is to our hoods what Matador bulls are to Spain. Oksechi tells me how Slasher is being waited by Kasarani residents so that it can battle it out with the other Nganyas from other routes. It’s a show-off thingy and you have to bring on your best. Your A-game. Emba and Kasa have beef because Drunken Master from Kasa has a concept that looks like Kanambo 3 that is for Emba. Each hood feels that the other hood stole their idea.

So, how much does one need to have his/her Matatu fully pimped? Well, it depends on what’s being done on the Mat. Oksechi quotes it at a half a million. Yes, 500Gs! And how much do they make? Oksechi says he makes around 150K after working on one Nganya. But it’s not a guarantee that you will get jobbos soon, so you just stay for some time before another client comes knocking. Or still, sometimes you have two clients at the same time, they both want to see you at their Mat and you have to play safe not to lose any of them. Watch out for Slasher, hitting the road any time from now!