Remember the ‘RAFIKI’ film that was banned in Kenya a few months ago? The Director of the movie Wanuri Kahiu has just landed one of the most lucrative deals this year. She has signed a contract to work with Gotham group. Interesting right! Gotham group are the producers of the famous movie, ‘The maze runner’.

“Wanuri is a talented and brilliant woman,”said Ellen Goldsmith. Ellen is the founder of Gotham group.

Wanuri’s film ‘RAFIKI’ was banned on the grounds that it featured lesbianism which was not in the Kenyan cultural context.

Surprisingly the film ‘RAFIKI’ was nominated for the Oscars 2019 as the best foreign language film. The film also premiered at Cannes

In an interview Wanuri states,”In our difficult times , I say this despite the serious themes in my work I also believe film and television need images of joy as well. My hope is in that the whole dimension of the human spirit in Africa and around the world be reflected in my work.”


Some of the films Wanuri has produces are like Whisper which focused on Events during the US embassy bombing in Nairobi.

‘RAFIKI’ and other films Wanuri has produced have received international recognition , some even winning awards.