With all the fairly tales you have read since childhood, plus the influence of TV and movies, you probably have misconceptions about dating. You might carry these misconceptions into our relationships and end up suffering great losses when they fail… the pain the heartache… but at the end of the day, it is in our utter most interest to choose what to believe and what to go by. Not everyone believes that dating is  necessary but for those who choose to date, it is important to shed off some of the lies that keep the believers from walking the truth.

  1. “Dating is incomplete without sex”

Dating is not what happens before sex, sex is not the primary goal for dating. A man and woman can go for a date, not have sex and have a memorable and intimate time

  1. “Dating means going to a luxurious expensive place”

You don’t have to go to a rich place to have a good time, it’s not about where you go but who you go with

  1. “Alcohol must be part of a date”

The best dates are the sober ones, where you remember everything you did and alcohol is not in control. It’s when you know each other for who you two really are and you have clean fun

4. “A date must take place outside the home”

You can have a date at home. Stay indoors, cook and have a candle lit dinner or an intimate time. Dating simply means planning a time where you lock out everything and everyone else and focus on each other

  1.  “A kiss on the first date is wrong”

A man and a woman can have real chemistry the first day they meet, a kiss does that chemistry justice. Many say don’t give too much on the first date, but a kiss is not much when it is clear you two are starting something long term, when it is clear your connection is more than sexual. You can meet someone for the first time and you two connect as if you’ve known each other all your life

  1. “A poor first date must mean no second date”

Yes, for all types of factors the first date can be a mess; some people take a while to open up, sometimes the scheduled date can happen on a day one of you is having a bad day. It is unfair to judge all someone is by one brief encounter, your quick judgment can make you two miss out on a potential love. If it’s clear you two have a spark that just didn’t fire up as expected, schedule a second date

  1. ” A date must involve food and drinks “

You don’t have to go to a restaurant or cook to have a date. You can have a movie date, a walk date, a car date

  1. “A date must take hours”

You two can have understandably busy lives, but that shouldn’t keep you two from dating. You can meet even for just thirty minutes and have the sweetest moment. The best date is the one you feel it ended too quickly and you wish you had more time and gives you something to warmly remember when you two part

  1. “The man must pay for every date”

It’s not every time the man must pay for a date. Sometimes the man can be down financially, his money could be tied up and the woman gives him the money to pay to keep his ego intact. Even if the man could be in a position to pay, the woman can take a man on a date occasionally to appreciate him. Lady, it is not wrong to tell your man “Sweetie, relax, today let me treat you”; man, it’s not wrong to be catered to by your woman, to be loved and spoiled doesn’t make you less of a man. It’s her money; she’s chosen to spend it on you. Or you two can split the bill

  1. “You must be at your best form on dates”

Too many people pretend on dates, they pretend to be who they are not during dates just to impress. They go into debt, wear masks just to be liked. The best dates happen when people are real and vulnerable, show your true self don’t run a PR campaign