Abigail Akello Arunga is a name very common on the tongues of several literary enthusiasts across the city. Her job as the script editor of many Kenyan films, (such as Lies That Bind, Higher Learning and How to Find a Husband), is impressive enough; though she says that this is the job that she is least passionate about, citing how tiring it is to develop film characters. But on top of that, she works for 5 media houses, including the Daily Nation. (One of her most recent posts on their website, ‘the terrorist looks just like you’, might be of interest to you. Great read).


However, it is the success of her book of Poetry, ‘Akello’ that somehow catapulted her to fame. The book contains a collection of poems which she wrote when she was beginning to really get into Poetry, and it has received critical acclaim from reviewers since its release in August, last year. As a budding poet, I’m disappointed in myself for not having heard of her earlier, but now I can’t wait to get my hands on that book.


The success of Abigail is necessary for reading about by people who are planning to forge their own paths in this life; despite having studied journalism in USIU, she always knew that she was going to be a writer after she was done. She knew that the writing industry was not well developed enough for a writer to sustain a career, but she went ahead with it anyway. She has shown that you don’t have to go for a career in Medicine because your parents want you to; if you follow your passion and form a specific plan to following it, you WILL be successful in it. If you do not believe so, listen to her interviews and look at how well she’s doing.

Also, please promote the artist and go get her book of Poetry, Akello. I challenge you to beat me to it!

By: Doug L Fresh

Writer and Poet; has an unhealthy obsession with Outkast.