Nothing is really original…ideas are simply improved; and who else other than fashion designers who best nail this concept? As much as we would all love our wardrobe full of expensive international designer clothes and shoes such as Prada and Versace, a touch of local attire is as well a must have because of the uniqueness, affordable prices and the sense of heritage that it grants us.  So here’s a review on some of the top fashion designers in Kenya making it big.


 1. Ann McCreath.

MD and Head Designer at KikoRomeo, Ann worked as a designer in Barcelona then came to Kenya doing aid work. With a desire to create jobs in rural areas, she launched her own fashion house KikoRomeo that means Adam’s Apple in Swahilli. She has ever since influenced women’s fashion not only in Kenya but also Africa and is amongst other things, the coordinator for fashion Revolution Day.

AM1am2am32. John Kaveke

John is listed as one of the top ten fashion designers in Africa. He is a trained fashion designer. The drive of his fashion is the small details that appear uniquely in fashion. He style is laid back but classy looks. Lifestyle and fabrics mainly inspire John’s fashion.

kaveke (1)kaveke5kaveke4kaveke3. Patricia Mbela.

A lover of fashion from the age of 14, Patricia’s dream came true when she went to study Fashion Design at London’s Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design and on to Kent Institute of Art and Design Rochester Campus. Patricia loved beading and hence the birth of POISA. Her designs have developed into a fresh style and elegant style that is uniquely related to POISA.

POISA14POISA184. Wambui Mukenyi.

Founded in 2009, the brand label Wambui Mukenyi is from Wambui herself.  Wambui’s collection is filled with luxurious fabric and African heritage to produce stylish pieces. He WM label meets the everyday needs and brings life to any wardrobe.

wmwm15. Mohamed Bana.

Mohammed, owner of the Bana brand, deals in fashion, interior décor and event management. Bana’s eye began at a tender age but he began working professionally back in 2007. Bana is a sophisticated designer who blends African European and Indian tastes.  His work has been featured in many recognized fashion occasions such as the East African Fashion Week.