Whether you like them or not, the name “Kardashian” is probably one that you’ve heard before. A clan of famous-for-nothing sisters – accompanied by two half sisters, a “momager” and a dad who recently decided to undergo a sex change – have been everywhere. If one being married to one of the biggest names in hip-hop isn’t enough, the family even has their own reality show – Keeping Up with the Kardashians (KUWTK).

But that doesn’t mean that another group of sisters aren’t capable of stealing the shine.

The world was introduced to Meet the Westbrooks in Nov 2015. This particular reality show revolves around India, Crystal, Morgan, Bree, and Brooke Westbrooks. The five sisters first got the start on social media as socialites and now they’re on television

The show follows“real” life of the girls who are up and coming models and business women, but to beat out their competition as well.

Most Popular sister India Love, 19



Feisty Crystal, 22
Tom-Boy Morgan, 25

Yes, they’re all practically famous for nothing, just like their competition, but I’m sure we all have that one social-media celebrity that we can’t seem to get enough of. (You won’t admit it but we all know you secretly stalk their page.) I won’t say which sister, but I think it’s pretty obviously that one sticks out from the rest – and for good reason.

Having watched the entire premier season, I can honestly say that they do have some family values at the very least( unlike the Kardashians). Their parents, Mr. and Mrs Wesbrooks put up a united front and yes their father never approves most of the instagram posts, but hey what can he do. That is how they make their coins. Crystal once admitted that she makes about $1000 in one day just off her instagram account.

Mother of 1, Bree, 23


Mother of 3, Brooke, 28

I won’t tell you much more about this dramatic show, one of these satos, ask your movie guy to hook you up. Common let’s give another famous family a chance…and for what it’s worth, team mafisi will surely be all over this ! Enjoy