Watu hawana moyo! Someone wrote an insulting post on IG following the announcement of Wema Sepetu’s miscarriage.

idris and wema
idris and wema

Just hours after her guy, Idris posted his farewell to their dead unborn twins, Wema also took to her IG handle to express her feelings concerning the tragedy. Unlike Idris who wished he had the chance to hold his babies, Wema was happy with the chance of having them in her womb. That, she said, is because she never thought she’d ever have that chance.

wema's post
wema’s post

But as always there has to be one or two haters, (see the insulting post below), but even so Wema had her man on the front defending her. Idris spared none of his thoughts when he posted his reply on IG. What a guy!

above: the insulting post below: idris' defence
above: the insulting post
below: idris’ defence

Love truly does withstand all.

By: Joan Rangara