we-have-a-rape-problem-375x250It looks like this rape nightmare is getting serious with every passing day. Sad! This post is for those who, unfortunately, may find themselves in the tragic situation of ever being raped. Peeps, it’s better we talk about this coz the thirst just got sick. Really sick…

Rape has been a tragic social issue for ages. But in the 21st Century, you’d think we’ve gotten civilized enough to address it in it’s face, instead of pushing it under the rag. Ish gets even sadder when the people who are meant to protect you are the ones being accused of committing this heinous crime! We won’t even go into the kange undressing issue of a few months ago.

Rape Crisis AdNow these animal instincts have spread to the people who we put in power; the ones we’ve entrusted with our country and its protection are abusing their power in order to take care of their needs. We think it’s gone too far. The moment an MP is accused of rape is the exact moment that we would need to learn how to take care of ourselves in case it happens to us.

Here are steps to be taken in case of rape:
  • Take yourself to a safe place. This will enable you to calmly figure out what to do next.
  • Keep yourself warm; you might be in shock.
  • Talk to someone you trust about what happened; if you don’t feel like talking to a friend or family member then call the rape crisis help line.
  • Clear yourself of any blame; it is not your fault.
  • If you’re not sure whether you want to report what happened to the police, you can go report to the nearest Sexual Assault Referral Center which is in most hospitals. At the SARC you can have a forensic medical examination as well as a pregnancy and an STI test. The SARC should not pressure you to go and report to the police if you are not ready to; they can keep the forensic test evidence until you make up your mind.
  • If you decide to report to the police and have the forensic test done, you should make sure you have had the test taken within 72 hours; during that time don’t brush your teeth, drink, eat or smoke. You’re not supposed to change the clothes you have on and if you do, put them in a brown bag; avoid using polythene bags. Finally don’t clean up the place where the assault took place.

If you have already done some of these things then stay calm and positive that forensic evidence can still be found.

For the time being, here is something for the men to ponder on: