It is April, and the English Premier League is on its homestretch. At a time like this, the big four (Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea) should be contending for the trophy. At least that’s how it’s been for some time till Oil money was poured into Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspurs decided to be badass too. Things aren’t so though. Chelsea is leading and it seems to be a one-horse-race. Tottenham Hotspurs is there, second. But the shocker is Arsenal. Arsenal. The home of sexy football! What’s going on at Arsenal?

Right now Arsenal are the proud owners of house number 6, a place that has for long been inhabited by Manchester United. Well, you can say Arsenal have games in hand and all that, but whatever the case, Arsenal is going down like a Malaysian Airplane at the Bermuda Triangle. A friend said ati Crystal Palace also beat league leaders Chelsea and it was normal to beat Arsenal but no, it ain’t normal. Arsenal was  humiliated by Bayern Munich, trampled upon by Liverpool and trounced by West Bromwich Albion, West Brom!! Is that normal? With Kina Ozil, Walcott, Sanchez and Giroud?

DejectedArsenal slump

Chelsea was in the same boat a season ago, and we saw what happened. The self-proclaimed special one was fired and the club resumed it’s winning ways (They’re winning the league, mind you). It happened to Leicester City a while back, and after Ranieri was shown the door, the club is whipping teams left, right and centre. So is it also happening in Arsenal? Are the players sabotaging the coach? What if he was told, “Hapana Mzee, Thiu Ukiumaga”? Already Sanchez’s state is clear, not happy at the club and a myriad of clubs are chasing his signature. Ozil wants to know the future of Wenger in the club before he inks a new deal.

Guys, what exactly is going on at Arsenal?