This is a question that the world needs to ask itself especially developed first world countries. The war on immigrant laws has been a cold war that has received very little attention. Most developed countries have been rejecting foreign immigrants of late and even closing their borders in other words. The world seems to have turned its back on immigrants in what they say securing their countries. Ever since the likes of Trump got into power, the situation has worsened with bold rejection of immigrants from third world countries. Deportation of African immigrants has also gone up. Trump even ordered separation of children from their parents at the borders and caging them like lab rats. The world however looks at all this blindly as if nobody cares. The meek efforts being made by certain celebrities like John Legend and human rights activists are useless since politicians are very quick to silence them.

Back in the EU, which gets the most number of African immigrants, the policies are changing and not in favor of the immigrants at all. The post Brexit policy changes has seen the change of migrant routes due to closure of several borders for migrants. E.g. the Greek sea border was closed right after the UK exited the EU. This however has proven futile since migrants are now opting for more dangerous pathways like the Central Mediterranean Route which has proven to be the deadliest of all. This has even resulted in an increased level of human rights abuses, physical violence, trafficking, exploitation and very many deaths. Therefore do you think that the EU should reverse its policies and open their boarders to more African migrants?

Pogba and Umtiti

Some might argue that what is it that is forcing Africans to travel thousands of miles just to leave Africa? Well nobody can really blame the Africans trying to do this at all. It’s a matter of circumstances and the urge for a better life that is pushing most of these people out of Africa. Some are fleeing armed conflicts, human rights abuses, hunger, unemployment, political instabilities, inequality, drought, lack of opportunities, e.t.c. Is it really their fault? Not really.


However much the conversation surrounding migrants might be negative, the world cup has proven otherwise. It has brought forth a perspective many are not willing to agree with but it’s the reality. Migrants can actually be a very resourceful asset to a country. The French team that won the world cup had a majority of its players coming or having African roots. Most of them of course were migrants. The following is the list of the players in the French team who hail from Africa:

Some of French players with African roots

                                                 Samuel Umtiti-Cameroon                                          Steve Mandanda-DR Congo

                                                Blaise Matuidi-Angola                                                   Nabil Fekir-Algeria

                                                Corentin Tolisso-Togo                                                    Djibril Sidibe-Senegal

                                                Ngolo Kante-Mali                                                             Benjamin Mendy-Senegal

                                                Kyllian Mbappe-Cameroon                                          Presnel Kimpembe-DR Congo

                                                Paul Pogba- Guinea                                                        Ousmane Dembele-Mali

                                                  Stephen Nzonzi- DR Congo                                          Adil Rami-Morroco

The players were very instrumental in France world cup glory. Maybe this world cup glory might influence other developed countries to start thinking differently of African migrants.