skinoTroublesome People is not just a problem for teens; it can be an issue for people of any age. There are many reasons why you might not be able to prevent breakouts and the reason can vary from person to person, all you have to do is spot which of the reasons are causing your acne. Here are ten of the most common reasons why people can find it hard to get rid of acne.

1. Pressure on your skin

If you are constantly on your cell phone, then the pressure of the phone on your skin, combined with the bacteria that are probably hiding there too, can be a cause of recurring acne. Even just resting your hand on your chin can cause breakouts, so have a think about the number of times you are applying pressure to your skin, because that may be a cause of your acne.

2. Washing your face too often

The natural reaction to greasy skin is to keep washing your face, but this can actually make the problem worse. When you wash your face too often, you dry out all the natural oils in your skin. This sends your skin into overdrive and it produces even more oils. Try cutting down on the number of times you wash your face. It may feel uncomfortable for a while, but your skin will settle down after a few days.

3. Dirty makeup applicators

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes and sponges? Anything that you use to touch your face with needs to be kept clean, or bacteria will just accumulate on the tools and then be transferred straight back to your face.

4. Your clothing

If acne on your body is the problem, then it might be being caused by the clothes that you wear. Take a look at the labels on your clothes, because if you are wearing lots of synthetic fabrics, then there is a good chance that you are trapping dead skin cells and sweat, which might be clogging up your pores and causing the acne. Your skin needs to breathe, so try wearing loosely fitted clothes made from natural fibres and see if that helps to get rid of acne.

5. Eating too much greasy food

Your diet has a big part to play in the health of your skin and if you eat a lot of greasy food, this will also make your skin greasy. Try cutting down on fried food and fast foods like pizza and that will help cut the greasiness of your skin and get rid of acne.

6. Not sticking to your routine

You really should get into the routine of cleansing and moisturising your skin every morning and every night, and stick to it. You only have to skip your routine a few times and it can have an immediate detrimental effect. What’s worse is that it can then take another month for your skin to return to its acne free state again.

7. Your hair products

If you wear your hair down, then, the products that you use on your hair can be the cause of stubborn acne. Hair products that contain plasticizers, silicone and oil can cause the pores in your skin to become clogged and this will cause breakouts. The only solution on how to get rid of acne in this case, is to either wear your hair up, or change your hair products.

8. Your hormones

If your breakouts are always occurring at the time of your periods, then it could well be your hormones that are causing the problem. Taking a birth control pill can help with this, or you might want to visit your doctor to make sure that there are not any other treatable hormonal issues causing the problem.

9. Lack of sleep

Stress and a lack of sleep can also be a cause of acne, so try and relax more and make sure that you are getting, at least, eight hours sleep every night. Stress can affect the structure of the skin and cause reactions like acne and, a lack of sleep will only make you feel even more stressed.

10. Not changing your pillow case often enough

Both your face towel and your pillow cases can be traps for bacteria and skin cells, so both should be changed regularly. Ideally, face towels should be changed daily and pillowcases, at least, twice a week.

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