After a hectic week, nothing beats watching shows on your screen with a bowl of your favorite snack and drinks on the side especially if the show that has you glued to your screen has the who- is- who in the entertainment sector.

The Oscars went down this past weekend and like always it did not disappoint.  It gave us highlights that we will deeply cherish for a lifetime. With numerous celebrities gracing the red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards, one was destined for quite a show that would leave you on the edge of your seats. From the colorful attires to the pre-show pressers, the hype of the Oscars was at an all-time high.

Janelle Monae performing at the Oscars

Going another year without a host, everyone was looking forward to the surprise opening performances slated. Janelle Moňae took up the responsibility of kicking off the show with a spectacular start. The highlights of her performance were when she did a rendition of ‘Would You Be My Neighbor’ and when she performed a musical medley with dancers in attires that represented most of the shows that had been nominated. However, the opening monologue performance by Chris Rock and Steve Martin downplayed her performance. The duo cracked ribs with their jokes and even went a step further by roasting those present including Brad Pitt, Jeff Bezos, and even the Academy Judges.

Billie Eilish then took the stage, just a few days after winning numerous Grammy’s, to lead the crowd in a heartfelt tribute Memoriam for all the great names that had passed on in the past year including Kobe Bryant. The tribute had everyone almost in tears as she complimented the sad pictures on screens with her serenading voice and notes.

Even as the crowd eagerly awaited for the awards to begin, the anxiety in the room was on another level. When the designated award emcees took to the stage, there was a pin-drop silence. With the likes of Brad Pitt and Joaquin Phoenix scooping awards in their respective categories, a surprise was in store when Parasite managed to win 4, yes 4, awards and became the first foreign language film to ever win Best Picture at the Oscars.

Eminem performing “Lose Yourself” at the Oscars


As the night came to a wrap, there was a great surprise as the King of Rap, Eminem himself pulled a surprise performance. Ironically, he performed ‘Lose Yourself’ which won the Oscars back in 2003 but he wasn’t there to pick the award. The immediate reactions of numerous celebs were priceless and Billie Ellish’s reaction completely stood out. As Eminem got the groove going on, the celebrities unleashed their hip-hop alter-egos and let their heads bounce to the beat

Billie Eilish’s reaction to Eminem’s surprise performance


With the spectacular night coming to an end, the Oscar had managed to produce another outstanding performance and left no room for the doubters who thought that this year’s show would not set the pace for the new decade and not rake up the huge viewers and fees it has been accustomed to ever since inception.

Even as the year drags on, one can only wonder which films, actors, actresses, and directors would scoop the Oscars next year with the amazing films coming out this year with some anticipated for a long time.