Whatsapp was down. Some of you were unable to send or receive any messages today. Albeit temporarily. It, therefore, shows the problem was not with your phone. The messaging app crashed early this morning

Whatsapp management said they were working on a solution. This has however led to people taking to other forms of social media to complain about the issue.

The revolutionary Whatsapp on mobile phone
Whatsapp is used even in corporates to link teams

Reports indicate that the challenge was experienced mostly in Europe. India, Malaysia, and Indonesia also had challenges.  The crash meant that users could not update or remove their profile photos. Furthermore, people could not send or receive messages. Ugh, and I nearly un-installed my Whatsapp. Raise your hand if you have restarted your phone severally today?

Do you know you can now unsend Whatsapp messages?
Screenshots on Whatsapp mobile

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Most users had to revert to the original form of messaging. Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps in Kenya. Whatsapp usage is also high in many parts of the world. I bet even some of your grandparents use the app. Am I right or right?

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Here are some of the tweets with the hashtag #WhatsappDown that was trending today.